Thursday, July 19, 2007

How Fast They Grow Up!

I can't believe our grandson, Corson, will be starting school this fall - it seems like only yesterday we were waiting for him to start walking. He is only 3 1/2 years old, but he's VERY tall and looks more like 5-6. Two weeks ago, Corson got his first two wheel bike with training wheels. I love the way it came about.

My parents used to collect Canadian Tire money and save it for something special they wanted. After my parents died, we found a stack of it they had saved and my daughter asked for it. That was almost 7 years ago and I thought she had spent it long ago, but she hadn't. Our son-in-law asked what I thought of using it to buy Corson his first bike. We were all touched - it was a great idea and a wonderful way to remember them and include them in such a special occasion, long after they were gone. Corson loves his bike and the fact he is officially a "big boy"!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why You Should Never Throw Away Your Kids Toys!

I have a little confession to make - I am a pack rat! I have kept quite a few of our kids old Fisher Price toys, from their childhood. My son was even worse than I am - as I was putting things out for a garage sale, when we moved from up north, he was sneaking them back into the house LOL! He liked to keep EVERYTHING and he always took great care of his toys. Many of our friends have rolled their eyes, when they noticed the totes of toys in our basement YEARS after our kids were grown and gone. Well, today I have been redeemed!

Our grandson is extremely active. It's a constant mission to keep him occupied when he's at our house, and we try not to sit him in front of the television. Today, he surprised us with a visit, as it was Papa's birthday and he wanted to play with Papa's tools, as ususal. My husband was on his way to work , so he couldn't surpervise Corson.

My niece and I recently did some re-aranging in our basement, since our move last fall, and I knew just what to surprise Corson with - our son's Fisher Price helecopter, Adventure Van and all the little men that come with it! I must admit, I wasn't sure how he would like them - our wee boy has just about every technical toy on the market - did he even have an imagination? Well, Nanny rules, because his eyes popped open when he saw them and he couldn't get to them fast enough. It was really a treat to see him play with a toy that he had to manually control, not one that controlled him, and in minutes he was making a realistic helicopter sound. So ladies, don't throw out all of your kids toys - someday they will come in handy!

I think the pictures say it all, and Corson was a very sad boy when he had to leave, but the toys will be waiting for him another day, along with lots more items. So Neal, if you read this, Corson is waving to you to say "thanks for your toys", Uncle Neal!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


My husband, Neil, has always loved roses in a garden. When we moved to our current house last summer, it was obvious that the garden needed a really good overhaul. There was only one spot that was obvious for planting the roses, and it meant digging up a virtual hedge of evening primroses. So, this spring we did just that, and went on our hunt for the "perfect" rose bushes.

I love the pastel roses and miniature roses and he likes the brighter, bolder ones - why can't we just agree on one thing LOL! (although I seem to have managed quite a few pastel ones). Anyway, after hitting the local nurseries and much deliberation, we finally added the first of our roses to the garden and they seem really happy. Once they have matured, the bushes at the back will be as tall as 3-4 feet and those in front will will remain smaller. I've added a few pictures and I hope they brighten your day - I'm sure there will be more to come in the future.