Monday, March 31, 2008


I love bunnies, and there are lots of them around where we live. I think one has a burrow under the huge Cedar hedge at the side of our property. They are sooo cute.

I couldn't resist making a couple for Ebay. The first is a miniature Peter Rabbit and a little Collector tin. When I stumbled across this tin, I knew I had to make a tiny Peter Rabbit to go with it. Peter is only 3 inches tall and sits nicely inside the tin. He is fully jointed and stuffed with excelsior and weighted with steel shot. Peter is made from German Shulte mohair that has been had painted, with layers of permanent heat set paints, to bring him to life. He also has nylon whiskers. Peter wears his familiar tiny blue jacket, with a Fimo carrot in the pocket. He also wears shows made from wood and leather.

This Baby Spring Bunny is barely 4 inches tall to the tip of her ears She is made from cream and a wonderful,“double dense” beige German mohair and is jointed only at the neck. Baby Bunny has ultra suede paw pads, and molded felt ears. She has realistic, amber German glass eyes, nylon whiskers and a sweet embroidered face and is stuffed with excelsior and gently weighted with steel shot. Bunny’s realistic appearance is achieved by building up many layers of colour, with permanent, heat-set paints. She wears a soft yellow organza ribbon aroundher neck, trimmed with a vintage bell and a group of hand made miniature buttercups. Included with Baby Spring Bunny, is a reproduction of a lovely vintage postcard decorated with a little girl hiding from two rabbits. It is mounted on basswood and decorated with glitter.

I hope you enjoy these two bunnies - they will be listed on Ebay tonight and I will post a link then. I consider these two pieces collectibles and not suitable for small children. Thanks for stopping by.


Cider Antiques said...

Love those bunnies Brendie! Soooo cute. Peter is adorable. I'll have one eventually :). ~ Karen

Louise Peers said...

those bunnies are so sweet Brenda ,love them ,
hugs,Louise xx

Cider Antiques said...

Hi Brenda, I see you got your Flickr gallery photos posted on your blog. Very nice! A great way to showcase your lovely work. ~Karen