Friday, July 4, 2008


Wow, it's been a long time since my last post! Life just seems to be getting busier and busier, between holidays and babysitting our grandson, especially since he is finished school for the summer. Not much time to make bears! Add to that making a major mistake - I thought it would be faster to make a group of bear at once - NOT!!! I am definitely a one-at-a-time girl! Anyway, since I've not been selling on Ebay since their last group of ridiculous changes, I thought I would list a few bears for sale on my blog. I will leave them up for five days. It will be a first come basis, and I love feedback so if you have any ideas how I could showcase them better, please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to have a peek - enjoy!

1. The first teddy is Emma Rose. She represents all the little girls who like to dress their dolls or teddies and have a little bed to put them in. I found myself thinking a lot about my oldest sister, when making this little teddy. She was a lot older that me, and passed away 13 years ago. One of my most distinct memories of her is her doll, Emma Rose, that she adored and took everywhere with her. The name seemed to fit this teddy, perfectly.

Emma Rose is 4 1/4 inches tall and is made from Shulte mohair, that has been overdyed and distressed, so that she has tiny bald spots. She is fully disc-jointed, has German amber glass eyes and distressed, ultra suede paw pads (wit tiny holes) She is stuffed with excelsior and steel shot and has a lightly waxed nose. Emma Rose is dressed in a hand made, cream antique silk, pleated dress, trimmed with green silk at the hem. She wears an onyx heart on a thread, around her neck and a preserved miniature rose on her head.

Her shaker box is 4 1/2 x 3/1h/2 and has been painted green and then distressed. to look antique. I have decorated the front with a lovely vintage picture of a little girl and her teddy. The inside of the box has a mattress made from a tiny green paisley print, that is decorated with beads. Emma Rose fits snuggly into the box. SOLD

2. My next teddy is Nigel the Sailor. He is 5 inches tall with his hat on and 4 1/4 inches without it. He is made from hand-dyed, semi-distressed, German mini mohair, that has also been aged further, giving him a few tiny bald spots. Nigel is fully disc-jointed, has tiny amber, German glass eyes, distressed ultra suede paw pads and a lightly waxed nose. His face, paws and ears have been lightly shaded for an aged look.

Nigel wears a hand made sailor suit of wool flannel. He has a silk tie and and and had made badge, along with an aged, paper sailor hat. His jacket is removable, but it requires tweezers to undo the buttons. SOLD

3. My next bear Jangles, wears a simple collar, decorated with tiny vintage bells. The collar is removable. Jangles is 5 1/4 inches tall and is made from over-dyed mohair, that resulted in a cinnamon/rust colour. He is also stuffed with excelsior and steel shot, for a vintage feel and is fully disc-jointed. His mohair has been distressed (leaving a few tiny bald patches) and his face, ears and paws are shaded for a vintage look. His leather paw pads are also distressed, with tiny holes. Jangles has black, German glass eyes and a lightly waxed, sparse nose. SOLD


Karen said...

Amazing Bears Brenda!!!! They are a stunning group. You have out-done yourself :). I don't know which one is my favourite. They are all just lovely !!!

Karen xoxo

Brenda said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks so much for your lovely comment! It is so nice to get such positive feedback! Have a lovely weekend.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Brenda,

You have been one busy Lady making all those
adorable bears.
I love the antiquey look your bears have, from bygone days.
My favourites are your Sailor bears Nigel and

Carolyn xx

Aleta said...

If I had any extra money in my pocketbook I would dearly love to have them ALL!! You know how much I love your work and it's been such a long time since I've had a new bear. (sigh) I know these won't last long!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Melanie Clark said...

Gosh Brenda! They are all so so wonderful. I don't think I can pick a favorite.


Nancy said...

Beautiful Brenda! I have always liked your antique style...I think I like the little clown the best...but they are all wonderful!

Have a great day!

Shantell said...

Just loving those little bears of yours, especially that little sailor girl. Don't you hate it when people say that and then they don't buy one. LOL Amazing work, Brenda...really.


Brenda said...

Thanks everyone, for the lovely comments. It really boosts my spirit after struggling with this group for soooo long! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.



Deb said...

Wow Brenda you have really outdone yourself, Your bears are all so beautiful. I really like Nigel he has such a wonderful face a heart breaker that one is. Wish I could take them all home, I know they won't be sitting around your studio for long.
See you soon, Deborah

TinyBear said...

Oh Brenda - they are all SO wonderful. What a great idea to sell them on your blog. Amazing work. Many hugs, Tina

Mira Gardner said...

Hi Brenda!
I just found your's wonderful! I am so glad to see you are making bears again. Your bears and bunnies are just tops! I'll be checking back soon to see what you are up to. :0) Take care Brenda....

Bear Hugs,

Gaby said...

Hi Brenda, what a smashing idea! I hadn´t even started ebay since there had been some things going on thatI didn´t like nor understand.
And the bears of course- as always- are smashing! Wonderful! The wee sailor is just adorable!:)
Good luck in your further sales!