Friday, May 22, 2009


The new deck wasn't supposed to be finished until Monday, but the weather was so perfect and the guys worked really hard so we would be able to use it this weekend. Our grandson, Corson, has been watching patiently from the screen door, dying to get outside and "help"! You wouldn't think a 5 year old would get excited about a deck, but he helped us move the furniture onto it and was playing "little Mr. Designer Guy", directing us where to put everything and telling me that we needed "something beautiful" to put on top of the railings. LOL!

We already have a "mini war" in progress - Corson has laid claim to the big lounge bed (which is incredibly comfy) but you can see by the last two pictures that Papa loves it too! Can't wait to see who wins when he comes to visit next time. Anyway, we are very happy with our new outdoor space and really enjoyed eating outside tonight. We need some hanging baskets and have a few wall decorations to put up, but now it's time to kick back and relax for the summer!

p.s. Note the incredibly disgusted looking kitty at the screen door. He really thought he was going to come outside and enjoy it too - oops!

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Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

WOW!!! those guys did work really fast. Nice to see you have "moved in" already. Looks amazing. We may just have to get a lounge bed for our deck :) Cider thinks there is enough room for her too.

It all looks great! Karen