Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday, our 5 1/2 year old grandson, Corson, came for the day. It is a challenge to keep him occupied - he is one very busy little boy, so my husband asked if he would like to go for a walk on the nature trails by Lake Ontario. Now, most of my friends know I am not much of an outdoor person, especially in the heat and humidity , even though I do like birds and flowers. I also have trouble walking long distances as I have a knee problem. The last few times they have been on the nature hikes, I have opted out, preferring to stay home, but this time I decided to tag along - I grabbed my camera and off we went.

Corson, loves to take our bird book on the walks with him - it is a wonderful book that not only has great pictures but also a digital recording of all the bird songs. Corson likes to see if he can get the birds to answer him, although last time, we had to get him to stop pressing the Red Tailed Hawk button - the birds were getting upset LOL! We had one little bird follow us all the way round the trails. He seemed curious about the bird calls we were making. He literally flitted along with us and we got some great pictures. Turns out he was a Savannah Sparrow.

Corson was quite pleased with his job to find flowers for me. He called me to take pictures of every flower, bug, slug, and insect that we saw. Unfortunately the butterflies were more into flitting than landing, so we didn't get many pictures of them. When Corson asked the names of the flowers, I told him we would look them up on the internet and find out when we got home. When we finally got to the lakeshore, we found a family of mallard ducks and a family of beautiful swans! Corson picked up so many rocks at the water's edge, that he had to hold his shorts up on the way back, because the rocks were too heavy LOL! At the end of the two hour hike, even though it was hot, muggy and there were tons of bugs, we all had a wonderful time and it was a day to remember. If you have the time, take a stroll through our pictures - we'd love to share what we have learned. Enjoy!

Papa and Corson and the bird book.

Queen Anne's Lace

Indian Touch Me Not

Madame Lady Bug

Pretty Blue Chickory

Corson, the rock collector

Pastel yellow Cinquefoil

Our little friend, the Savannah Sparrow

Orange Jewel weed

The mallard duck family

Those rocks are irresistible!

The shore of Lake Ontario

The swan family

Time for a bath!

White cabbage butterfly

The rocks sure are heavy!!!


Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Wonderful Nature Walk! I felt like I was right there with you. Beautiful pictures Brenda!


Brenda said...

Thank you, Karen! We really had a lovely time.