Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm not sure why the "tiny" bug has bitten me lately. I haven't made really small teddy bears in quite a few years, but lately I've been enamoured with them again. I've paid the price, though, as after this wee one, my hands have been aching and giving me a lot of problems. 

Matilda is a 2 1/2 inches tall, antique style teddy and is made from cream, German Shulte mohair. She is fully disc-jointed and stuffed with stainless steel shot and excelsior, just like all the big bears. Matilda's mohair has also been shaded with chocolate permanent fabric paints, on her face, ears, and paws. She has tiny German glass eyes, and a sparse nose, that has been lightly waxed. Matilda has cream ultra-suede paw pads and wears a simple, green organza ribbon around her neck. Her paw pads have tiny holes, to allow bits of excelsior to show through.Matilda comes with her own tiny collector tin. The tin is red, and decorated with a lovely white bear and Matilda fits nicely inside. Please feel free to email me with any questions and thanks for peeking!


Susan Pilotto said...

Nobody says that tiny is easy...I commiserate with you on the sore fingers. I just covet small critters though...they are the bestest!!! Love the wee bear! Susan

Brenda said...

H Susan,
I guess you know all about "tiny" and the war wounds that come with it LOL! It is a passion though, isn't it! Thanks for your lovely comment and have a nice weekend!



customteddys said...

Matilda is adorable and I can also appreciate the effort that goes into the little ones. Your work is excellent! Praise and hugs from Vicki