Tuesday, October 20, 2009


One of our favourite passtimes is to go for long drives in the country. I have always lived in a town that was situated on water, and when we were on one of our jaunts around the local countryside last weekend, I realized how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area. Fall is my favourite time of year, with the colourful autumn leaves, so I brought along my camera.

We've been across the Picton ferry and up to Lake on the Mountain, which is gorgeous. No one knows the origin of this self contained lake, located at the top of a mountain, but it's worth a visit if you ever come this way. On Sunday, we started by travelling to a couple of small towns, Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon, both located on water and with gorgeous scenery. Then it was on to Lindsay, and then Cobourg, Port Hope and back home along Lake Ontario. I've taken lots of pictures so I hope you enjoy them.

View from top of Lake on the Mountain

Picton ferry crossing


Locks at Bobcageon

View from the beach at Fenelon Falls

Gorgeous trees

Beautiful trees everywhere on the way to Cobourg

View along the drive home from Port Hope

Tunnels of trees

Hallowe'en pumpkins everywhere

Geese enjoying the beautiful day

Daylight is starting to fade

View coming into our small town


the lady loves bears said...

Hi Brenda

What a beautiful area you live in. I love the reds and oranges of autumn. My husband and I dream of visiting Canada one day.

Woodbury Park Bears

Brenda said...

Hi Raewyn,
We do love our area but would love to visit Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We all want to see what others have to offer :)



heidi said...

love the picture of the pumpkin stall on the side of the road,pumpkins do make great pics dont they?!!
great photos. x

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Amazing Fall Colours. It is the prettiest season by far!!! You two find such lovely routes. Karen

Brenda said...

Yes, Heidi, pumpkins have so much colour and they look amazing in a bunch, don't they!
I agree, Karen, Fall is the definitely the prettiest season!



customteddys said...

Quite beautiful and inspirational. I love the colors and the beauty of your area. Thanks for sharing with us! Vicki

Brenda said...

Thanks Vicki! I think it's fun to see where other people live.