Saturday, November 21, 2009


It has become VERY apparent to me this fall, that children grow up far too fast. Our 5 year old grandson, Corson, has managed so many milestones these past 4 months, I'm lost track of them all! He learned to ride a two wheeled bike, he played soccer, his first stint at organized sports, he mastered reading and he is learning how to play hockey. Corson has gone from a small boy who has grown out of all his clothes, to a tall big boy, who is only a couple of inches below my shoulders, a fact he relishes. Yes, he's right, it won't be long until he is patting me on the head.

We go the the local rink each week, to watch his team at practice and games. It's fun to watch this large group of boys, who were unco-ordinated, just a few weeks ago, mastering stick handling skills, learning to stop, skating and then diving onto the ice and getting right back up. They have improved tremendously. Our son didn't like hockey, so we never had this chance with him, so it's all very new to me, but I think we are going to be spending a lot of time in a rink, over the next several years.

So, I'm posting a few pictures of Corson on the ice and with his new team jacket and pants. I should also say how much he loves posing for pictures - he chose all of his poses, to show off his new "cool" duds. Maybe we should add modeling to his activities :o)!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I love white bears and when I got this piece of vintage mohair, I knew it would make a gorgeous Christmas bear. It's not a true white - it's a vintage cream/butter colour, just perfect for Christmas. The length was a bit longer than I'm used to so, I held my breath and cut out the pieces, hoping it would be just perfect and I was so happy with the result. Her name is Noella, and her face reminds me of a little Steiff bear. She has an antique look, so I teamed her with some vintage style Christmas accessories. I hope you like her.

Noella is 4 inches tall and is fully jointed. She is made from vintage mohair, and is stuffed with excelsior and gently weighted with stainless steel shot, like the old bears. Noella has German, amber glass eyes, wool felt paw pads and a gently waxed nose. I didn't distress her, as I wasn't sure of the strength of the mohair. She has a shaded face, ears and paw pads and wears a red,wool felt ruffle around her neck. It ties in the back with a vintage silk ribbon and is removeable.

I stumbled across this vintage style silver bottle brush tree and knew it was a perfect accessory for Noella. Noella's collectible Christmas box is paper mache, and she fits snugly inside. The bottom of the box is covered with an old printed text book page and the top is decorated with a picture of Thomas Nast's Santa, and lots of glitter.

Postage for Noella is $12.50 by expedited mail or $15.00 by UPS, within North America. For shipping overseas, please email me. I will leave Noella here for a day or so, before deciding to move her to Ebay or Etsy. If you are interested in Noella, or if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.