Friday, February 19, 2010


Last Christmas hubby surprised me with a new Imac computer - I'm still not convinced it's the best computer for me - I love my Dell, BUT they do come with the Macbook program already installed in the picture program and I've made two already and I just love them. It's such an easy way to keep memories alive and I love having our pictures in book form. Our grandson can take them to school for show and tell and they are a nice conversation piece and no more expensive than buying a photo album and paying for pictures to fill it :o)

My latest book was a late Valentine's gift for my husband, Neil, who had the honor of carrying the 2010 Olympic torch. I gathered all of our pictures and made the book for him, so he would always have that memory in concrete form. I think it will also help our young grandson remember it as well, as he grows up. There are lots of book programs for PCs as well, so if you don't like seeing your family photos gather dust in a drawer, you might consider a book for all you special memories! I'm sure you will love it, too!

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