Sunday, March 21, 2010


The other day, our grandson came in with a new candy his mum had bought for him. He was quite excited about his "glowbugs"! They really were very cute - they came with a pair of tweezers with lights on either side of the end. When Corson picked a glow bug out of the package with the tweezers, they lit up and transferred the light to the glow bugs, making them glow. At first, Corson wasn't sure he wanted to eat one. LOL, but he soon got over it and before the long the glow bugs were all gone. Cute though and I wonder how long it took someone to think that up :o)


Lynn said...

How cool is that!!! My high school boys would love these.


Brenda said...

Thanks Lynn - they really were fascinating and we had not seen them before, Now, Corson wants more to take to school, of course, only we bought them 1/2 hour from here. I'm sure his Papa will get him more, though, cuz that's what Papas do :o)