Saturday, May 15, 2010


Boy I get frustrated with myself. I got Photoshop elements 7 for Christmas over a year ago - I had really wanted it but like a lot of things, you have to make time for it. It's been installed on my computer for ages and every time I went to use it, I ended up going back to my old Photoshop elements 3, because it was simpler and I already knew how to use it.

I am a hoarder of all things, especially magazines and books. Every month, I buy new Stampington magazines - they are sooooo full of eye candy and every month I would promise myself I would get around to playing with Photoshop elements 7 and learn to do some of the altered art I adore. I now realize that if I don't MAKE time to learn how to use it, it will be obsolete soon LOL! So, I made a promise to myself to take some of the time I spend online each day (WAY TOO MUCH!) and systematically play with elements 7, until I have mastered it. Wish me luck :o)

These are just a few things I played with today - VERY simple exercises, but hey, it's a start LOL! Enjoy!

Our grandson, Corson

Removing some of the colour

Burgundy trillliums

Removing some of the colour

Adding a blur filter

Our grandson chasing bubbles

Removing some of the colour

My parents on their honeymoon

Adding a vingette


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Looks like you are doing great! It's funny I just uninstalled my 7 last night and reinstalled my 6. Because the 7 was just different in some stuff that I couldn't use my "Photoshop the Missing Manual" Book. I probably should just go and buy the new book.

I wish I had the patience like you to just sit and play a little.

ps; Your grandson is adorable.

Lynn said...

I really like what you did with the pictures Brenda. Guess I should start playing with my photo editing program, it looks like alot of fun!


Brenda said...

Lynne, it is a lot of fun and with each success, I gain a little more confidence. :o)

Joanne, I hear you LOL! I have had Elements 3 for years and boy, is there a difference!!! I bought Photoshop Elements 7 for Dummies and sometimes I feel like a dummy LOL! I will figure it out, though, as I have some projects in mind :o)



Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Looking forward to seeing you on the weekend! Happy Victoria Day :)

Karen xoxo

Brenda said...

I'm really excited to see all of you! Hope Morgan can make it - Neal hasn't seen her since Sarah's wedding, almost 10 years!

Brendie xoxo