Monday, August 23, 2010


I find it difficult to be productive in the summer as there is so much to do - outside work etc. I finally have two clown bears ready for adoption. I'm also working on some Christmas decorations and hope to have some of them listed in a day or so. If feels good to be back in the swing of things. These bears are collectibles and not made for children. They are designed and made entirely by me and come with a signed hang-tag. Shipping is $12.50 for Expedited mail or $15.00 for UPS within the U.S. and Canda. International customers, please email me for a shipping quote. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and thanks for peeking!

1."Peggity the Clown" is a 5 inch teddy that is made from German mini mohair, and is fully disc-jointed. She is a new pattern, with slimmer body and legs and rounder head. She is firmly stuffed with excelsior, like the old bears, and is gently weighted with steel shot. Peggity has dark brown ultra suede paw pads that have tiny holes, to allow bits of excelsior to show through, and a tiny waxed nose. Her face, ears and paws have been shaded with permanent fabric paints, for a vintage look. Peggity wears a green paisly print ruffle and a green wool felt hat. Both the ruffle and the hat have been aged and distressed. The ruffle ties in the back with green silk ribbon. Both the hat and ruffle are removable.
PRICE: $175.00

2. "Thackery the Clown" is 6 inches tall and made from turquoise, hand dyed German Shulte Mohair. He is fashioned after the old Steiff clown bears. His mohair has been aged and distressed, with some small bald patches. Thackery is fully disc jointed and has a waxed nose. He is firmly stuffed with excelsior and granulate and gently weighted with stainless steel shot. Thackery has ultra suede paw pads that have tiny holes, to allow bits of excelsior to show through. His face, ears and paws have been shaded with permanent fabric paints, for a vintage look. Thackery wears a ruffle of multicoloured fabric - not sure what it it but it has a lovely silky sheen to it. It fastenes at the back with black silk ribbon. Thackery's black hat is made from molded felt and is decorated with pompoms and has been dyed and aged. Both the hat and collar are removable.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Wow, two posts in one afternoon - a miracle lol! Unfortunately, I have a miserable cold and blogging is just about all I feel up to doing.

Our grandson, Corson is 6 1/2 and over the past year, he has been introduced to some very male activities, ski-dooing, ATVing and sea-dooing. He just looooooves speed, and honestly, what fella doesn't. LOL! A family friend was selling an almost new, chld size ATV at a very reasonable price - too good to pass up, so hubby and I purchased it and after finally finding him a proper ATV helmet, we surprised him last night.

It's pretty hard to put something over on Corson, he figures things out quickly. When he spotted the box with the helmet in last night, he was over the moon. It's a very cool helmet, with a visor for the sun and a vent for air, when it's hot. Corson knew where there is a helmet, there is an ATV and it was wonderful seeing his face when he opened the garage door! He's actually driven this one a few times before, so he was familiar with it, and after adjusting the helmet and setting the speed on the ATV, so he couldn't go tooo fast, he was off. Unfortunately, it's getting dark here, earlier and earlier, so he didn't have a lot of time to ride, but I have a feeling he will want to spend a lot of time here, before school goes back. As we were watching him zoom around the park, hubby and I were thinking, in another ten years it will be a real car!! That's something to give us a few nightmares :o)

No mistaking that grin - Corson knows there has to be an ATV somewhere LOL

Papa adjusts the new helmet.

The helmet looks great!

Where there a helmet, there must be an ATV :o)


Very first vehicle key - scary thought LOL!

On goes the helmet, again!

Corson is ready to roll - I can see that grin even under the helmet

Enough with the pictures!

Okay, I'm off!

What do you mean, it's getting too dark?

Just a few more trips around the park!


I just finished this wee fellow, Zander, for a lovely lady in Scotland. I was pleased with him, but it's always an anxious time, waiting for "approval" :o). He's one of my bigger bears - almost 6 1/2 inches, without his hat. I'm happy to say Zander will be off to his new home in Edinburgh, on Monday! Boy, I wish I got to see as much of Europe as my bears are seeing LOL!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Isn't this the sweetest little mouse? Susan at Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art is giving away this cute little blue mouse on August 14th. Click HERE to go check out her blog - it's called Moose Droppings!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Boy, holidays are tiring! LOL! So much to do, so little time :o) Our daughter is also on holidays this week, so we included lots of fun things with our grandson, Corson. One of his favourite places is Marineland, in Niagara Falls, and we hadn't been in two years, so it was time for a visit. Thank goodness, it wasn't humid and in fact, the day was really lovely - sunny and not toooo hot. We had lots of activities to fit in, like feeding the deer, the bears, the fish and on and on LOL. We had a fabulous private session with Hugo and the Belugas and then there are the rides, and all the games and the shows to see. All in all it was a busy day and we all came home tired but happy!

Hey Mister - are you IGNORING US!!!!!

Corson just loves the animals!

Hey mom - YIKES!

Feeding Orion, the Beluga, with Papa and Hugo!

Hello, Baby Beluga!

Sarah petting Orion, the Beluga.

Papa, petting Orion

YUM!! That ice cream was great!

Feeding the HUGE fish!

This big boy loves his treats!!

I love my new shirt!

Sarah and Corson

Even found a neighbour to watch the show with us.

Dolphins jumping.

Pirate Ship ride.

Hugs are the best!

Winding down after a long day!