Saturday, August 14, 2010


Wow, two posts in one afternoon - a miracle lol! Unfortunately, I have a miserable cold and blogging is just about all I feel up to doing.

Our grandson, Corson is 6 1/2 and over the past year, he has been introduced to some very male activities, ski-dooing, ATVing and sea-dooing. He just looooooves speed, and honestly, what fella doesn't. LOL! A family friend was selling an almost new, chld size ATV at a very reasonable price - too good to pass up, so hubby and I purchased it and after finally finding him a proper ATV helmet, we surprised him last night.

It's pretty hard to put something over on Corson, he figures things out quickly. When he spotted the box with the helmet in last night, he was over the moon. It's a very cool helmet, with a visor for the sun and a vent for air, when it's hot. Corson knew where there is a helmet, there is an ATV and it was wonderful seeing his face when he opened the garage door! He's actually driven this one a few times before, so he was familiar with it, and after adjusting the helmet and setting the speed on the ATV, so he couldn't go tooo fast, he was off. Unfortunately, it's getting dark here, earlier and earlier, so he didn't have a lot of time to ride, but I have a feeling he will want to spend a lot of time here, before school goes back. As we were watching him zoom around the park, hubby and I were thinking, in another ten years it will be a real car!! That's something to give us a few nightmares :o)

No mistaking that grin - Corson knows there has to be an ATV somewhere LOL

Papa adjusts the new helmet.

The helmet looks great!

Where there a helmet, there must be an ATV :o)


Very first vehicle key - scary thought LOL!

On goes the helmet, again!

Corson is ready to roll - I can see that grin even under the helmet

Enough with the pictures!

Okay, I'm off!

What do you mean, it's getting too dark?

Just a few more trips around the park!


Lynn said...

Oh my gosh Brenda he looks so excited. How fun!!! I hope you are feeling better soon, summer colds are no fun.

Brenda said...

Hi Lynn,
Corson was super excited, once he saw that helmet lol! He just loves riding the ATV and he's really good at maneuvering it. We are hoping lots of experiencing driving now, will make him a responsible driver later on - at least we can hope :o)

customteddys said...

Very sweet. You are lucky to have one so young.... my grandchildren grew up even faster than my children. Corson is lucky to have you in his life (it looks like he knows that already). Hugs, Vicki