Monday, December 6, 2010


Every year since we moved here in 2006, our grandson has wanted to help me decorate the Christmas tree, even when he was only three.  When he was almost four, I officially gave him the job as "helper", and was amazed at how good he was with the ornaments and he just loved to put them on the tree.  This year, he is almost 7 and  he is a very busy boy with hockey and school, so I wasn't sure if he had time or if he even wanted to help, but he said emphatically that it was "traditon" now, so he was definitely going to be part of trimming the tree.  So we spent Saturday afternoon, getting about half of the ornaments placed just where he wanted them and even though we didn't get it finished, Corson was proud to have his mark on our special tree, this year. He is the best helper anyone could ever have!

The really surprising part was his interest in a small primitive tree that I bought on holiday in Pennsylvania.  It's about 18 inches tall and he loved it the minute he saw it and proclaimed it "his" to decorate.  We don't have a lot of tiny decorations, but I gathered all that I had and I watched him delicately place each one in the perfect spot.  It looks absolutely lovely. I now know that when we go back in the spring, I will be buying at least one more of these special little trees.  He should have one to decorate for his house. 

He also liked a new decoration I bought this year, which is a sign that says "We believe in Santa Claus".  It's metal and I was going to put it on the front door, but when I was putting him to bed, he whispered in my ear, "we have to put the sign next to the tree, so Santa doesn't miss it!"   He isn't leaving anything to chance, *grin*.

When I was going through our old pictures this morning, I thought he might like to see how he's changed over the years.  It is so lovely to have a child in the family again - it makes Christmas really special. So Corson, these are just for you - we adore you, munchkin!

   Christmas 2004 - He loved to climb the tree lol!

  Christmas 2005 - Changing so fast
Christmas 2006 - Full of personality!

  Christmas 2007 - Designated my official helper!

Christmas 2008 - A big boy now.

Christmas 2009 - A shy smile!

Christmas 2010 - Admiring his work!


Lynn said...

I love the pictures Brenda, he is really growing up fast. My kids are in high school and still love to help me decorate the tree. What great memories!!


Brenda said...

Hi Lynn,
Thanks! Yes, he is growing up too fast, but at least we are getting to enjoy him. It won't be long till he's a teenager!