Monday, March 7, 2011


I've had the pleasure of going to our grandson's hockey tournaments and it's been tons of fun.   Corson has just turned 7 and is one of the youngest players, although he's also one of the taller players.  It's been an experience, since our son didn't play hockey, and the most fun has been watching the boys together - they are like a group of mini men, trying to outdo each other - who can make their face the reddest, who can eat the fastest, or make the loudest noise or burb the loudest lol!  I think those male genes are firmly planted!  It is also lovely to see them so supportive of each other, even when one of them makes a mistake on the ice.  It's fun to watch them improve with every game and have fun doing it.  Who thought I'd ever be a "hockey Nanny" :o)


Katy Cameron said...

Aww, love how they make them wear their shirts and ties in, just like the big guys do!

Brenda said...

Katy, the boys love it! They want to look like the big guys :o)