Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day, to all the mothers out in blogland.  My mum is no longer with us, and although I think about her every day, I find myself thinking about her a lot on this day and just how much is miss her.  One of my friends on Facebook posted this today and it really rang true, so I'm including it in my post:

     "At 3 years, "Mommy, I love you".  At 10 years, "Mom, whatever".  At 16 years, "My mom is so annoying".  At 18 years, "I want to leave this house".  At 25 years, "Mom, you were right".  At 30 years, "I want to go to Mom's house".   At 50 years, "I don't want to lose my Mom".  At 70 years, "I would give up EVERYTHING for my Mom to be here with me" 

So, Happy Mother's Day, mum, where ever you are - I love you!



landofnodstudios said...

Oh my goodness Brenda you are the spitting image of your mom, I see you in all those pictures, great post it brought tears to my eyes. Miss you bunches we need to talk I have a new # will call you and leave it for you so we can do phone tea.
Love ya girl Deb

Brenda said...

Oh, Deb, it is so nice to hear from you!! YES, please send me your number - can't wait to catch up ♥

Brenda x