Saturday, June 4, 2011


I've been playing and adapting, again lol!  I thought I was done with bunnies, at least for this year, but it's interesting how soon I can be tempted once I think of trying something a bit different :o)

Miss Arabella is a fraction under 4 inches tall - she is all white, except for some light shading around here eyes, paws, tail and ear tips.  She is fully jointed with wire in her arms to hold her basket a little more tightly.  Miss Arabella is firmly stuffed with excelsior and a little stainless steel shot.  Her amber German glass eyes are framed with white cording, to help them stand out.  She has nylon whiskers and a simple pale yellow organza ribbon around her neck, decorated with a vintage mini bell.  Miss Arabella stands nicely with her little shoes, hand made from wood and yellow organza.   She carries a tiny basket filled with hand made Fimo carrots.  Miss Arabella is $250.00 and shipping of $15.00 UPS in North America.  At the moment. Canada is in the middle of a postal strike, so unfortunately I will be unable to ship overseas on this bunny.  If you have any questions or are interested in adopting Miss Arabella, please feel free to email me.  Thanks for peeking!


Len said...

She is delightfully reminiscent of the 1950's Easter rabbits. Beautiful work!

Brenda said...

Thank you so much, Len - I appreciate your lovely comment :o)

Anonymous said...


She is so cute this Miss Arabella.
I love your blog.
Please take a look into my world.


Brenda said...

Thank you very much, Marijke! I will have a look at your blog :o)



customteddys said...

She is pretty sweet, Brenda. I love her little puffy tail and of course, the shoes!

Diny said...

Sweet!, Love it.
Greetings, Diny

Brenda said...

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments :o)