Sunday, October 16, 2011


Well, it's been a long time but I finally have a new bear for sale, "Maddie, the good witch".  I've been working hard on show pieces for the Teddies Worldwide Show, November 18th-20th, but I couldn't let my favourite time of year pass by without at least one teddy to celebrate :o) 

Maddie is just shy of  7 inches tall and centre seam bear.  She is made of hand dyed black, German Shulte mohair.  Maddie is fully disc-jointed, has amber German glass eyes, a sparse waxed nose and distressed ultra suede felt paw pads (tiny holes allow the excelsior to show through). She is firmly stuffed with excelsior and gently weighted with stainless steel shot.  Maddie's mohair has been gently aged and distressed and she is missing mohair in some tiny spots.

Maddie wears a removable pinafore of hand dyed pale orange fabric, stamped with tiny pumpkins in indelible ink.  Her witches hat is made from molded black felt, trimmed with a crepe paper ruffle of Hallowe'en colours, and tied with ribbon.  She carries a paper cone made from Hallowe'en paper, with a chenille handle.  It contains a tiny vintage orange bottle brush tree, a wooden sign, decorated with a reproduction Hallowe'en postcard and a soldered, two sided glass ornament decorated with Hallowe'en papers.  The cone is decorated with a flashing pumpkin.  Thanks for dropping by and please don't hesitate to email me, if you have any questions.