Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's that special day when we honour our mothers and although my mum has been gone now for 17 years, it doesn't take Mother's Day for me to realize how much I miss her, every single day.

I love these pictures of her, when she was young and starting on the road to having a family.  The second picture shows her with her first child, my sister, Marian, who died just a few months after my mum.  It is also the only picture of my great grandfather, Samuel, that I have ever seen. As life got too stressful for him, he actually moved out to the garden shed, where it was quiet.  There are days when I understand him, completely lol!

The last picture is all four of us with mum,  I'm the baby with the chubby cheeks :o)  Funny, how as time marches on, these memories become even more special.  The days were so innocent, with not a hint of all the technology to come.

So "Happy Mother's Day" to all the mothers in blogland.  Have a wonderful day with your families :o)!


Katy Cameron said...

Hope you have a great day, love the pics, and also love your grandad's escape idea!

Brenda said...

Thanks, Katy, and I agree - there are days I could go for a garden shed of my own, lol!