Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A few weeks ago, we found out about a lovely little nature park in our area.  We checked it out and we amazed at how tame and curious the local wildlife was, so we decided to take our grandson today.  Well, what a great time.  There were swans, ducks, song birds, rabbits, squirrrels, and chipmunks, all waiting for a free food handout and they weren't disappointed.  Corson was especially taken with the hoards of cheeky chipmunks, just waiting for their next peanut lol!  They were running circles around him, trying to get his attention, and they did.  It was such a fun day for all of us, after our grandson had worked so hard at his hockey workout.  We'll go back in a week or two with more food, when we can stay a little longer.  Enjoy the pictures. and if you click on them, they should enlarge for you :o)
 Heading out on the trails

Silly robin sunning himself - I though he was injured but he just enjoyed the sun like the rest of us

 A family of swans - they were beautiful!  I love the reflection on the water.

 Wild Chamomile

Queen Anne's lace

 Wild berries - they were pretty in the sun

Purple flowering raspberry

 Another robin, having a dirt bath

 Miss Mallard looking for coffee LOL!

 Corson was looking for chipmunks and the chipmunk found him first lol!

 Mourning Dove

 There were dozens of these cute little fellas

A bird trying to steal a peanut

  Chipmunks taking advantage of Corson's generosity :o)

Mr. Squirrel  was not about to be left out!

 Corson said he shook hands with the chipmunk and scratched him under the chin :o)

 Enjoying his spoils

 Chipmunks running circles around Corson!

Finally, a picture facing me :o)

 Corson, taking a picture with his Ipod

 Mr Chipmunk blessing his food :o)

Cute baby duck

Ducks wanting food as we were leaving - next time!

Monday, July 2, 2012


We've had such a special Canada Day weekend.  I don't post as many pictures of our grandson any more, but these were taken by our daughter this weekend, down at the lake, in their subdivision.  They discovered the swan they have dubbed "brown bread", for her preferences in food, had had babies!  The pictures are wonderful and I wanted to share, so our family and friends can see how much Corson has grown.  Enjoy!