Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Samuel Bickers is my last bear of 2012 to be looking for a home.  I gave him a new photo shoot tonight, because I thought he deserved to be showcased.   I am offering him at a 10% discount, hoping he has a forever home for Christmas.

Samuel is 6 1/3 inches tall, and made from hand dyed blue, German semi distressed mohair that has been gently aged and distressed.  My biggest problem was getting all the photos the same tone, due to the poor lighting late this evening.  The truest colored photos are the first three.  Samuel is stuffed firmly with excelsior and gently weighted with stainless steel shot.  He has amber German glass eyes, a sparse waxed nose and permanent shading on his face, ears and paws.  Samuel's paw pads are wool felt that has been aged and distressed, allowing some excelsior to show through.

Samuel wears a little jacket, made from cream cotton.  It has been aged and distressed and fastens at the neck with a snap and a silk ribbon.  It is decorated with a tiny copper disc that has a honey bee etched on it and it is removable.   Samuel Bickers is named for my great grandfather whose last name of Bickers, means "bee keeper".


Anonymous said...

What a lovely little boy! Adorable face. Luv him! Karen

Brenda said...

Thank you Karen. He really has a delightful personality.



Irina Lee, Ukraine said...

great bear!

Brenda said...

Thank you so much Irina :o)