Monday, January 21, 2013


When we were waiting for our first grandchild to be born, I went about happily collecting all sorts of things that I thought any child would have to have.  One of the things was a tea set - a girls pink tea set, made in the fashion of the old carnival glass, along with child size silverware.  Ebay was in it's  hayday and I was able to buy a lot of different items, to make up the set.  Most have the same pattern, with the punch bowl and lemonade pitcher having a different one.  I should have waited of course, because our grandchild was a boy - a VERY BUSY boy.  I did buy him a lovely porcelain Peter Rabbit tea set, which we have managed to use a few times without breaking, but pink glass was not for him, lol! 

We are in the process of de-cluttering our house - a job that has been needed for a loooong time, to rid ourselves of the things we no longer need, want or use. Today, I stumbled across the pink glass tea set, and it took me back to a time of excitement and anticipation.  I carefully unwrapped the pieces and couldn't resist setting the table with it.  Some of the pieces have slightly different shades of pink, but it really is darling and just begging for a little girl to appreciate it.  Unfortunately, there will be no little girls in our house, at least in this generation.  I do however, make teddy bears and I also have a small collection of bears, that might enjoy such a fancy tea set.  So, should I keep it or sell it and send it on its way to a new home, with just the right little girl, waiting to have tea with her dolls.  The bears would love it, I'm sure, but it's really a large set, and I have no proper place to display it.   Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated *sigh*.