Saturday, February 23, 2013


Well, February is here again and it's time for my yearly slump, *sigh*.  I have orders to fill and I am trying so hard to plug away at them but I have absolutely no ambition.

In November, when hubby retired, I pushed myself to finish several bears for an online show and it was a mistake.  It has affected my left arm and shoulder and even after 3 months, it is not completly healed.  If I try to stuff more than a couple of bear parts in an evening, I can feel the strain, so here I sit.

We have also had more snow this year than in the past few years, with more scheduled for this week. Winter seems to be dragging on and on  Oh well, the days are getting longer and soon spring will be here.   Maybe the sunshine will help  - wish me luck :o)


Linda Dorr said...

Sorry you are having problems. I feel the same way, Brenda, and almost feel like I am going crazy. I so want to go for a walk or bike ride in the greenbelt and we have beend dumped on with lots of snow the past two weeks. URGHHHH. Also have been experiencing pain in my wrists for the first time ever. I need warm weather and sunshine. Hope your arm and shoulder improves.

Brenda said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Linda. Hope you get spring soon! I just want to be able to work without any pain ;o)