Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today was a really good day.  July is a month with a lot of birthdays in our family - my hubby, Neil's, is July 10th, our daughter's partner, Tim's is today, July 20th, and our ex-son-in-law, Jean-Marc's birthday is July 24th.  Neil told our grandson he would take him, Jacob, (Tim's son) and two friends for a day of paintball for his birthday - they were thrilled.  Then Tim, and Jean-Marc, and his partner's son, Brandon, wanted to join in and finally our son, Neal, is home visiting from his job in South Korea, so he didn't want to be left out (are your confused yet) LOL!  So , ALL the boys from our crazy, jumbled up family, went to paintball to celebrate all three birthdays.  They went through 4500 paint balls in 5  hours and had a blast, while Sarah, Kym (Jean-Marc's partner) and myself, relaxed and had a great visit.  The boys, finally came home to our daughter's house, exhausted and happy, ate burgers and lots of other goodies, then jumped in the pool, while all the adults relaxed with a few cold ones, before presents were given out and ice cream cake was cut.  I am grateful every day that Corson get's to enjoy the company of all his parents, natural and otherwise, and loves his "brothers".  We ARE family!