Saturday, December 28, 2013


This past week has been a blur.  A week ago, we lost our power for 48 hours, due to the massive ice storm in the north east U.S. and Canada,  and although we made it through relatively comfortably,  compared to others that are still without power, many things like special Christmas baking, did not get done this year.  I considered myself lucky to get the presents wrapped and under the tree on Christmas eve lol!  We had a lovely Christmas day, spending the morning at our daughter's house, opening gifts, and Christmas dinner with everyone later in the day.   I am tired and am honestly, glad the mad rush is over for another year. 

Yesterday, we went to Kingston, to spend the day with Neil's brother, his niece and her family and one of his nephew's girlfriend and her mum.  The company was fabulous, and the meal with scrumptious and it was nice to get to know Savannah and her mum, Gwyn.

Savannah is a beautiful, intelligent, talented 16 year old, who has been dating Neil's nephew since last summer.  She is a singer/songwriter/musician who plays local venues in the area she lives, and at places like the Kitchener Blues Fest.  She will be releasing her first single in the near future.  This is a song she wrote for her boyfriend (Neil's nephew).  She also wrote the music, did the arrangement and all the background vocals and played the piano, as well - we were blown away by it.  Savannah, we wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams. I've added a few pictures of our day and you can listen to Savannah's song by clicking this link.  I hope you enjoy it.

Duke, the beagle, after being sent to bed for clearing a dish of chocolate rosebuds in the time it took Neil's niece and I to wrap one gift lol.  He wasn't the slightest bit apologetic.  Poor Duke has a hard life, as you can see.

The house looked wonderful, with all the decorations.

  Savannah and her mum, Gwyn.

Neil's other nephew, Ryan - Savannah's boyfriend was in Sault Ste. Marie, playing OHL hockey. Ryan plays OHL for Kingston.

Carl, getting ready to take Ryan back to his billets, before curfew.

 Savannah gave us a medley of her favourite songs.