Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have finally managed to finish an order for a dear customer in the Netherlands.  Sir Pembleton Rabbit should be winging his way over to Europe very soon.  He has taken me a very long time due to shoulder problems and tendonitis in my upper arm, from stuffing.  However, I am VERY pleased with this little fellow and think he will enjoy living in Europe, something I've always wanted to do lol!

Sir Pembleton is 6 1/3 inches tall and is fully disc jointed, and has wired arms.  He has lovely German amber glass eyes, and been meticulously painted with many layers of permanent fabric paints.  He wears leather shoes, with wooden soles and a long blue coat .  He has a leather satchel and a rabbit cane, made from Fimo and covered in silver leaf.  I like to make my toys reminiscent of the old vintage ones and I love to think of them being around a century from now.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Sir Pembleton.