Saturday, June 1, 2013


Recently, I arranged to do a swap with a Danish bear maker, Tina Jensen.  I have been wanting one of her bears for a long time and was delighted when Tina agreed to the swap.  This was all before I fractured my arm and shoulder in four places!  Thank goodness, I had finished my bear for her, Hugo the Magnificent, a 4 inch clown teddy.  I knew Tina had mailed Aurelia last week, but I didn't expect her to arrive so quickly, just when I was frustrated with my limitations, from my arm.  She was a welcome delight and I have barely put her down, since she arrived.

Aurelia is just over 3 inches and made of beautiful mauve fur.  She has the sweetest face and the tiniest of roses on her head.  She begs to be hugged but you have to be careful as there is barely anything to hug lol.  I eventually settled on tons of snuggles and kisses.  Aurelia came with the tiniest vintage child's cup and saucer, from Tina's childhood.  It's the perfect place for her to sit.  She will hold a place of honour in my curio cabinet, when I can finally put her down.  Thank you, Tina - I adore her.  I had fun playing with her photo, as well.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!  :o)

 Hugo the Magnificent