Thursday, May 22, 2014


King Kieran is a centre seam teddy, made from hand dyed, semi sparse, light beige German Schulte mohair, that has been aged and shaded to give him vintage appeal.  King Kieran is 6 3/4 inches tall without his crown and well over 7 inches with it on his head.  King Kieran is fully disc-jointed, stuffed with excelsior and weighted gently with steel shot for an antique feel.  His eyes are German amber glass and he has a sparse waxed nose.  King Kieran  has a few bald spots, along with tiny holes in his aged, wool felt paws, where bits of excelsior show through.  

King Kieran wears a handmade, embossed copper crown, decorated with tiny flatback Austrian crystals. His shield is made from polymer clay, stamped with a celtic symbal and soldered to a copper backing.  He has a matching polymer charm around his neck and a staff, topped with a glass bead and decorated with crystals.  SHIPPING IS $20.00 UPS TO MOST PLACES IN NORTH AMERICA AND BY AIRMAIL, OVERSEAS.
PRICE:  $200.00

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