Thursday, June 22, 2017


In June, there was a lovely new bear show in the UK, called The Woburn Abbey Teddy Bear Festival. It was held at the lovely Woburn Abbey and they also created a competition to go along with it, called  The Alphonso Bear Artist awards and The Alphonso Antique Bear Awards.  There were several categories in each set of awards and they had some of the industry's best artists and Bear business owners as the judges.  Anyway, I was absolutely thrilled to find out that one of my miniature bears won an Alphonso Award, which was awarded to the bear with the highest marks in each category and three other pieces won Judges awards.

 My awards arrived today, along with the fabulous Teddy Bears Magazine they created for the occasion,  and everything is really beautiful - I am truly honoured.   It is always lovely to be recognized by your peers and I am grateful to Hilary Pauley and Daniel Agnew for creating this wonderful new show and this special new competition.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


We were out most of today and didn't get a chance to post this until now.   I can't believe how the time has flown, since you have been gone, dad.  Miss you every day and will always love you, where ever you may be.  xxx

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


As I posted earlier this week, I was thrilled to have won 4 awards at the Woburn Abbey Teddy Bear Festival.  Just looking at the pictures, I wish I could have been there. I have duplicated the pieces as closely as possible and thought I would offer these for sale. Thanks for peeking.  If you have any questions,  please email me by clicking this link.

1.   SELWYN  SOMERSBY is lovingly hand sewn from hand dyed, black, German mohair.  He stands 3 1/4 inches tall, is fully disc jointed, has amber German glass eyes, a waxed nose and is firmly stuffed with excelsior.  Selwyn has also been gently weighted with some steel shot, has aged, wool felt paw pads and his fur has been aged with tiny bits of fur missing, for a classic vintage look.  He wears a sailor collar, made from vintage wool, trimmed with the tiniest black silk ribbon.  It has been aged and fastens by the ribbon in the front.  Selwyn also wears a tiny aged, paper sailor hat.  Both the hat and collar are removable.   

Selwyn comes with his own blue and white china tea set, as pictured here, proving boy teddies love their tea as much as any bear.  The tea set is very tiny, but is the perfect size for a wee bear.  Postage is $20.00 by UPS to most places in North America and by Small Packet Airmail to Europe. Prices are in U.S. dollars.

2.  JASPER THE JUGGLER is a larger bear, at 7 inches tall (8 1/3 with hat) and is hand sewn from beige German Shulte with a dark backing, that has been aged for vintage appeal.    He is fully disc jointed, stuffed with excelsior and weighted gently with steel shot for an antique feel.  Jasper's eyes are black German glass and his sparse nose is waxed.  He has a few bald spots, along with tiny holes in his aged, ultra suede paw pads, where his excelsior shows through.  Jasper has an aged cotton ruffle  (secured with vintage silk ribbon) with a wool felt and matching cotton clown hat,  decorated with tiny pom poms.  He carries a hand made copper juggling apparatus, with three coloured balls.  They are fixed in position. The hat and ruffle have also been aged and everything is removable, if for some reason he tires of being a clown.   I ship UPS to most places within North America.

3.  BABY BUNNY IS 4 1/2 inches tall and lovelingly hand stitched from German Shulte mohair that has been hand painted with many layers of fabric paint.  Bunny has a jointed neck, amber glass eyes and excelsior stuffing, gently weighted with steel shot.  He has folded felt ears,  nylon whiskers, and wears a white organza bow around his neck, decorated with vintage flowers.

4.  MINIATURE EASTER BUNNY is a fraction over 3 inches tall and hand sewn from cream, miniature German Shulte mohair.  Bunny is fully disc-jointed, has German amber glass eyes and excelsior and steel shot stuffing.  He has moved felt ears, nylon whiskers and embroidered features.  Bunny wears an organza bow around his neck, a decorated, hand sculpted  easter basket on his back (made from epoxy sculpt and is removable) and tiny shoes (made from wood and organiza ribbon).  He comes with a miniature wooden Easter sign, made by me.  The Easter bunny and sigh fits nicely inside her pretty pink metal easter egg, with vintage graphics.  I ship UPS to most places within North America.


Monday, June 12, 2017


A few months ago, I entered a few of my bears in a new competition in England, called the 115 Years Artist Bear Awards.  It coincided with the brand new bear show at the Woburn Abbey.   The top Artist award was called The Alphonso Award, after the antique Alphonso bear.  There were other awards, given by the judges to pieces they admired.

I was thrilled to find out, yesterday, that my little Selwyn and his Tea Set had won and Alphonso award for Best Artist Miniature Bear.  It means a lot to me because of the judges involved.  Here are  pictures of my entries with the results and any judges comments.  I have also made duplicates of all of the pieces, which I will be listing for sale in the next day or two.  Thanks for dropping by.