Monday, June 12, 2017


A few months ago, I entered a few of my bears in a new competition in England, called the 115 Years Artist Bear Awards.  It coincided with the brand new bear show at the Woburn Abbey.   The top Artist award was called The Alphonso Award, after the antique Alphonso bear.  There were other awards, given by the judges to pieces they admired.

I was thrilled to find out, yesterday, that my little Selwyn and his Tea Set had won and Alphonso award for Best Artist Miniature Bear.  It means a lot to me because of the judges involved.  Here are  pictures of my entries with the results and any judges comments.  I have also made duplicates of all of the pieces, which I will be listing for sale in the next day or two.  Thanks for dropping by.


Len said...


Brenda said...

Thank you, Len. I appreciate you taking time to comment.


Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

Oh Brenda, how exciting, big congratulations.

Brenda said...

Thanks so much, Joanne. I am really honoured to have won this award.