Friday, May 25, 2007


Like everyone else with grandchildren, I never get tired of talking or bragging about them, but this story is my best yet. On Mother's Day, a couple of weeks ago, we had invited our daughter and grandson over for dinner, as her hubby was away. Corson, who is amost 3 1/2, loves to visit Nanny and Papa. He always has to look for the new bears and toys I have made and the enjoys peeking into my curio cabinet, but from the time he was a very small baby, he has always had a strange fascination with a Tibetan singing bowl I have on display. My sister brought it back from Tibet for my mum, and she put a moss nest, with a feather bird in it - I believe it was part of a dismantled Christmas ornament at one time. It has become a bit of a joke, if the bowl is missing from the cabinet, you KNOW Corson is in the house, and he will carry it with him and have a conversation with the bird.

They arrived for dinner early, and we were thinking of things to do to keep Corson occupied. He spotted a Winnie the Pooh suitcase, that my niece left for him and he was quite happy wheeling it around. Suddenly, it was a bit too quiet, and when I asked Corson what he was doing in the livingroom, he answered "nuffing" and before I could respond, he went out the front door. My daughter scooted to catch him and he replied he was going "downtown" to buy a drink - amazing, since he's three and has no money LOL! We are only a couple of blocks from downtown, so my daughter decided it was actually a good idea and off they went, with Corson wheeling his new suitcase. Well, 5 minutes later, my daughter came in the door whispering to me "not to laugh". They had gone about a block, and Corson had stopped, raised his finger and said "sshhhhh". He opened the suitcase and with arms wide open said "TADA!" My daughter was horrified to see that Corson had absconded with my Tibetan bowl, complete with the bird and nest!

She quickly marched him back to our house, to have him tell me what he had done and apologize. When his mum said, "Corson, do you have something to tell Nanny?", he immediately responded very innocently with, "Nanny, I take your bird for a walk"! Honestly, I burst out laughing - how are you supposed to keep a straight face, after that? I did explain that the bowl was very special because it had belonged to my mum, and that someday, he would have it for his very own, which seemed to make things all better. Grandsons! Everyone should have at least one - could you resist this face!


Pauline said...

No Brenda I could not resist that gorgeous little face and sweet blue eyes. What beautiful grandchildren you have no wonder you are so proud.


Aleta said...

What a great story!! I would have burst out laughing too. How your daughter kept a straight face is the sign of a great mom. That Corson is a quick one to be sure. What a true delight....and so very handsome. You know I'm jealous!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Laura Lynn said...

Oh Brenda!!!! That story is so adorable... as is your grandson! The girls will have to watch out for him when he gets older... that's for sure! "Take your bird for a walk" LOL!!! Oh he is so cute!!

Laura Lynn

Anonymous said...
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Bear Treasures by Melanie Jayne said...

What a lovely story Brenda. Kids are fantastic, they simply know how to capture your heart!