Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sneaky Melanie - I've been tagged!

It's 2:00 a.m and I was just relaxing and reading a few of my favourite blogs before going to bed. I really need to update my blog, and I just noticed another comment had been left, so of course, nosey me had to have a peek. My friend Melanie of Bear Treasures enticed me to check out her blog, and now ZAP, I'm it! I have to reveal 7 new things about myself, before I can move on and being the obsessive/compulsive person that I am, I won't be able to sleep until I'm done LOL! Sooooo, here they are:

1. I think being a grandparent is the absolute best thing in the world. There is something about an "I wuv you Nanny", or a sloppy kiss with a face full of chocolate that melts my heart.

2. I'm experimenting with some altered art and digital pictures and it's really addictive.

3. I swore I wouldn't have much of a garden at our new house because I had trouble maintaining all of our garden beds at our previous house, but once I saw the "open" signs on the nurseries, I caved pretty fast. No, the garden won't be as big, but I'm putting as much as I can into my small space! I love the English cottage type garden.

4. I'm a sucker for kittens and cats, as if that's a big surprise (right Shantell!) I can't imagine living without one.

5. Reading is one of my favourite pleasures, even though I don't have as much time to indulge anymore. I do, however, find it difficult to pass any interesting magazine without purchasing it, and I can't part with any of them - just ask the people that moved us LOL!

6. I love the fact that teddy bears have connected me to so many wonderful people all over the world. Who would guess that a child's toy from days gone by, could have so much impact in today's world.

7. I enjoy antiquing, partially because I yearn for more simplicity in my life. Holding an antique or browsing the shops is my refuge from the techno age that seems to surround us these days. I look at all the things our three year grandson has already been exposed to in technology, and sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back 50 years.

Well, there - all finished and off to bed! Oh, and by the way, if you are reading this post - TAG, YOU'RE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


La Hormiguita Cantora said...

In Spanish, people call those tagged posts as MEMES (I don't really know why...)

I did one short time ago, so I'm passing this time.

Have a nice week ;)

Raggy Rat said...

erk looks like i might have been tagged - did you get anyone else to admit?

i'd love to trade blog links with you - im from TT - let me know on both counts

super grandson
cat xxx