Thursday, June 18, 2009


Who on earth knew that I would end up a soccer "nanny" at this stage in my life. Our son was not interested in sports at all and our daughter did individual things like ballet, piano and gymnastics. I am not the slightest bit athletic, so my experience in team sports was "nil". This year, our grandson, Corson, started to play soccer. After the first game, when the kids were doing everything from watching the clouds to picking daisies in the field and a loss of 8 - 0, I was beginning to think it would be a looooong, hot, summer.

HOWEVER, tonight was their third game and they have learned a lot and it was so much fun to watch! The girls and boys alike, ran their little butts off, up and down the field. Corson got a breakaway and came inches away from scoring - he was soooo excited because everyone was cheering for him. My daughter and I were cheering so loud, that we started to laugh - we said we would never be "those" moms who made all the noise LOL! Corson will be starting hockey this fall, too, so I guess I'd better learn some cheers!!


Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Wow! He is all grown up now isn't he ~ very intent in getting that ball. I bet you will be a great Soccer Nanny ! Karen

Brenda said...

Yep, Karen, he looks a lot older than he is. It's hard on him, but he keeps up quite well.