Thursday, July 2, 2009


One of the things I really love about making artist bears, is that I can make whatever I choose. I do not usually take orders, but recently, a lovely customer who has become a friend, fell in love with a tiny teddy I made, Zachary, but it had already sold. I don't know if everyone has the same problem, but have you every tried to duplicate a hand made item LOL! Its easier said, than done. It would have been easier if I still had number one bear, but he had already been mailed off to his new home.

So I have spent several days, making another tiny ted for my friend, when the first one was made in an afternoon! What can I say, I'm slow. Well, finally, he was finished, and I did a photo shoot, so his potential new "mom", could put her stamp of approval on him. I am happy to say, he is now sold and will soon be on his way to his new home, and I am so relieved. What do you think - do they look alike?


Susan Pilotto said...

I would take that teddy in a heartbeat...they are both beautiful & yes they look very much alike.

Brenda said...

Thanks so much, Susan, for your lovely comments. I really appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend.